126 South Main Street

Slippery Rock, PA 16057






2019 Thomcy's Cafe created by thebiz.life


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Thomcy's Cafe

Enjoy a business meeting at Thomcy's Cafe.  Bring your business colleagues, enjoy the great dining atmosphere, great food, and laughs.  The food will make your mouth quench for more.  Enjoy a unique Barbeque Rack of Ribs for Breakfast or a Spinach Grilled Cheese for lunch.  Have a cup of our favorite flavor of coffee to start your morning.  You will be more than pleased with Thomas Gaus' masterpieces.  Your meal will make you want to come back for more.

If you are coming to Slippery Rock on a family adventure, short stay with your student, or business meeting, we have the most choices in town with the elegant style you deserve.   

Schedule Your Next Dinner Event!!


Schedule your next event at Thomcy's Cafe.  We look forward to hosting your next event whether a business meeting, dinner for your closest friends.  We would love to give you the fine dining experience you deserve.  Contact us today to schedule. Look forward to a wonderful evening at Thomcy's Cafe.